Please help us purchase 5 Acres of land where we shall have the children’s home, a primary school for the children and the empowerment resource center for the youth and women for their vocational studies. We shall also have to cultivate our own food to cut down the costs we spend on food.

Below are some of the things we wish to have at our premises.

Sewing machines, catering equipment, projector and video camera set to equip our skills development center to enhance the employment ability of the unemployed young people.
A van to facilitate our increasing transport needs
You may collect old playing toys for the kids, second hand clothes for kids, youths and women. Printer, Photocopier machine.
Sports equipment’s - balls, basketball, and volley ball nets, uniforms, table tennis.
Sponsorship for internet connection per month or year.
Volunteers for our various projects - teaching, skills training, conference facilitation, fundraising.
We would use to your help to bring healing to victims of abuse, poverty and disadvantaged persons. Any services rendered to us in form of donation, help, contribution or volunteering is much more appreciated .Thank you