Vocational Training

The Ugandan economy needs trained workers to sustain and expand its industries, and contribute to economic. This is a prime requirement for the reduction of poverty, and the hope of a better future. Unfortunately there are not enough appropriate opportunities for youth to learn a vocation. Private institutions like Nakusi Generous Society are important providers of vocational skills in the fields of music, arts and crafts, and far. We also want to increase the capacity of adults, and in particular empower women through the provision of vocational and skills training.

Why vocational training?

• Most adults in Uganda are subsistence farmers
• They earn low & unstable incomes
• The average adult has received only 5.4 years of schooling
• 78% of the population is illiterate
• Only 25% of uneducated women make decisions about cash earnings in their households

What Nakusi Generous Society Does

• We facilitate training opportunities to improve the income and financial independence of adults in the community.
• We provide employment opportunities with an emphasis on skills development.
• We work to empower youths, women and improve their social standing in the community.

How Can You Help?

You can empower an adult in the community and give them a skill that will open new opportunities for them and their families. Sponsor a woman with craft materials or donate to train a team member like a cook or maintenance worker.