Message From the Founder of Nakusi Generous Society

My name is Semakula Markoscar I was born in one of the rich family around Uganda leaving in one of the best suburbs Muyenga around Kampala district. It is so unfortunate that where I was born is not where I was raised from not because it’s what I preferred but it was just the situation.

Things come and go there reached a time when am dad wasn’t working any more neither my mum and we couldn’t still maintain the class of where we used to stay we had to go stay and at uncles place a brother to my dad and there after we had to rent out a one roomed house where I my brother and both my parents stayed.

Life became worse we could sleep without food and my mum started a small snack shop just by the road side so she could support paying school fees for both of us of which it wasn’t enough at all to feed the house, paying rent and paying school fees at all. So my mum asked me to stay home so she could take my brother to school since he was growing old and I was the young one, she simply said to me that you are still young you can always go to school any time.

When my mum said this to me I said no mum I won’t stay home while my friends are in school and I asked her to let me go to church and try find someone who could help me pay my school fees but I wasn’t successful . I tried a couple of churches around town but I could even get a chance to speak to the congregating about my problems.

One day I was lying onto my bed and I realized the tough struggles I was going through my life and there came a friend who I told all about what I was going through and he taught me about Jesus that’s when I was leaving a life without Jesus. My friend took me to his church and I became born again and I started to ask God to keep me strong and believe that one day I will go back to school.

God helped me and I went back to school and I started to have a dream of helping people who can’t get access to basic needs and I asked God to help me make my dream come true and I started praying about it so when I finished my high school I a few of my friends and told them what I had in mind and none of them seemed to have interest. I still asked God to bring me the right people so we could join hands and start what I had in mind there came two people with the same idea and then we gave birth to Nakusi Generous Society on 3rd / 03 / 2010.

I thank God for all he has done in my life “I am not looking for wealth lets just join hands and we help the suffering humanity so we could have a milling world which is not illiterate”

God Bless The World