Message From Walugembe Ronald

I was born on 1994 in Masaka District ,Kamuzinda Village I’m from a very humble family deeply in the village, am from a family of 8 members my DAD ,MUM ,two sisters and four boys am the second born in my family.

This is my life story, what I can’t forget in my life when I was growing up I used to see my mum very sad but by then I didn’t know anything why she was always sad, one day she looked at us and tiers fell down to her I asked her why she was crying and she told us that she really didn’t know how we will survive in this world by then I was 5 years old and my elder brother he was 7years old since. I was born in a very poor family I later started schooling when I was 5 Years my parents had to pay for my school fees but the time I had to start schooling at the age of 3 years my parents had no money to take me to school so I had to stay back for some time it took one year and every day I was praying to GOD for my parents to get me school fees, I can’t forget the day my lovely Dad called me and he told me that I was going to start schooling.

I thanked GOD for that, the school was very far from home where I used to walk over 6 KM every day and I was blessed enough with the best performance in class. Teachers liked me and suddenly when I reached primary 5 my younger brother Peter got a serious sickness and my parents had to fight for his life to take him to hospital they had to pay for the hospital bills still the money was not there my mum told me to stay back from school in that they can use some little money for my school fees in the hospital for my younger brother but still suddenly my brother died for the age of 2 years I went back to school after and I completed my primary level.

I thank GOD I performed well after primary my parents told me that I had to look for what to do, they wanted also to take my other younger brothers and sisters to school me I wanted to join secondary level but I had no support I stay back home for some time then I meet my friend William which I call my brother I joined him he was also passing through a hard time we decided to go to town Kampala where we didn’t had any contact there but we had to take our way for the bright future I always prayed to GOD to help me that I support my younger brothers and sisters but the situation was bad we reached town William had a friend in town where we went.

He was also a good friend we stayed there for some days and after two weeks the householder chased us from the house it was a single room where we had only one mattress we used to sleep over but suddenly they chased us out because we had no money to pay for rent and from that very day we separated everyone took his direction I didn’t know anyone from town no relatives no friend I had to go to street where I meet many children like my age staying on street bagging for what to eat I joined them we used to sleep on street no food nowhere to sleep life was very hard I regretted the day I left my family in village I spent good time without hearing from them one day I decided to go to one church Cos I was tired of the situation I was passing through am sure GOD is the one who sent me in church where I meet a man which I call a good Samaritan he had an organization helping the orphans ,needy and helpless.

He had a school and he took me to school I joined secondary everything was provided to me I was good in class they liked me at school I joined the school choir Cos I was very good in music I love music and I was one of the best at school we had a choir at school I got a chance to be in the choir because they took us abroad we sing, dance and doing African experience, workshops to fundraise money for the schools back in Uganda it was really a great experience to me who came from a deep village in a poor family, we used to go and come back because we had also to study I thank GOD I finished studding and I performed well for the secondary level after I joined an institute and I did Hotel management am glade that after some time I meet my lovely family again I thank GOD that I can help my family now with the little I can get they are all happy but still I know and am sure many children are passing through what I passed through and always I pray to GOD to help me to touch someone to help the younger children who are suffering according what I passed through I decided to take a step with my heart to help the children by starting up an organization with my good friends three of them WE started up organization called NAKUSI GENEROUS SOCIETY where we looking after the needy children without segregation to help them for studding ,feeding and shelter.