Message From William Ssegirinya

I was born on 25th/10/1993, kaluuma village, Masaka district in Uganda. I was told that I used to live with my parents by then my father died due to HIV/AIDS, when I was 3 years old. We were left living with our mother and she also died in 1997 when I was 5 years old then we started living with our grandmother and I started schooling by the age of 6.

I used to attend to the nearest school in our village which was 6 Miles away from my grandmothers home . My grandmother was getting school fees from the coffee garden which my parents had left. I finish primary level in 2007 then I started secondary level in 2008 by that time there was no school fees for the secondary school I request to be digging in the school gardens so that I can study the inspector accepted my idea. I was performing well in class and we had a music dance and drummer competition with different school clubs and I was chosen the best performer in our school club.

In 2011 I got a chance to travel with the school organization to raise money for the orphans in Uganda. The tour was in UK. After high level I went to an institute to study a degree in hotel management and it’s so unfortunate that I didn’t finish my studies because of tuition. In 2017 I dropped out and I started selling clothes in down town market in Kampala. Due to the hard circumstances that I went through I decided to start up an organization with my friends called NAKUSI GENEROUS SOCIETY to raise school fees for the vulnerable children in Uganda because I feel sorry to see a child going through some hardship in life because I know how it feels to stay the whole night without food and not going to school.