Our Mission and Vision

Nakusi Generous Society is a team of dedicated Ugandan members with a commitment to give hope to the vulnerable children, street children and children from impoverished families.

Our Mission
Nakusi generous society is a community based organization, working for humanity without segregation through combined opportunities.

Our Vision
Creating a society where every person is free, empowered and prosperous.

Objectives and Strategies
To provide education to vulnerable children.
To inspire community residents to give back to their community.
To identify voiceless in communities and assist them in a way that their voices can be heard.
To inspire and train young people to be volunteers to their communities.
To empower children, youth, women and the community.

Our Values
We develop and maintain an approach to rescuing and caring for vulnerable children that meet their needs spiritually, physically and emotionally.
We alleviate the suffering of children, youths and the community.
We restore and demonstrate dignity and respect for orphaned and impoverished children.
We provide clean water to our community.
We carry out peer education in schools and youths of our community.

Overall Mission
Nakusi Generous Society is committed to meeting the spiritual and physical needs of vulnerable children empowering youth, women and the community at large++ through strategic partnership, ministering and undertaking specialized and sustainable child focused initiatives.