The team Nakusi Generous Society

Semakula Markoscar - Team Leader

A lot of suffering in his life made him grow stronger and daily missing of classes at school caused by not having paid school fees on time made him come up with this great vision before he leaves this world he would love to leave a legacy in a positive way in different communities in Uganda where every person will by free, empowered and prosperous through our combined opportunities.

Walugembe Ronald - Programs Manager, Monitoring, And Evaluation

Ronald is a committed Christian, who believes that God has placed the desire to reach out and meet the needs of the children upon his heart. This has inspired him to donate his effort to find people, individuals, schools, churches which can as well stand for help by donating whatever they can, Besides that, He is a talented in music and drama and he loves performing.

William Ssegirinya - Coordinator

William is the all-around person at NGS with his fingers in all the pies. He has to ensure that all the projects are smooth running with partners. William is a talented in music dance and drama and he worked with different music groups for several Years, He can be bully at times, but more than makes up for it inactive service delivery by the staff members.

Kayiza Ronald - Finance

Kayiza is a creative young man with the knowledge of book keeping and when it comes to art and craft he is so creative to the extent that he has always survived and earn a living through Art performance and training.